Calm Mind

Optimize your brain for a calm mind.
Release stress, calm anxious and depressive thoughts, calm emotional volatility.

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Restful Sleep

Sleep deeply. Fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer.

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Mental Performance

Balance your brain for your best mental performance. Increase your focus, Enhance your clarity.

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Physical Performance

Live Pain-Free, Help heal from Brain, Trauma, Concussion. Increase co-ordination and balance and be In-The-Zone when needed.

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Zenvana’s Proven Brain Optimization System will help you relieve stress, heal depression, addiction, pain, sleep better, or help you reach your goals faster and excel at life.

Doctors and Scientists Now All Agree – A Balanced Brain Produces a Healthy Body.

How Brain Training Works

Non-invasive sensors are placed on the head.

Software translates data into sound

Brain recognizes imbalances and recalibrates.

Brainwaves are balanced

A balanced brain produces a healthy body

What can Zenvana Help With ?

The science behind Zenvana’s Brain Optimization System has already helped thousands of people worldwide. From celebrities to people just like you and me – all with a wide variety of issues and traumas.
Have you trained your brain today?

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Anxiety and Stress






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Bulletins and Updates

Everyone deserves to thrive, not just survive.

Anxiety cripples. It isolates. It stifles, throttles, controls, and eventually it kills. I know. I’ve seen this in real life.  It’s been MY life. I have walked away from a cart full of groceries, because I suddenly wondered if I had enough money in my account to...

Neurofeedback and Depression

Big Boys Don’t Cry……Be The Man!   Big boys don’t cry. Be the man. Wear the pants in the family. Real men don’t ask for help. One mood – ALL the damn time   ^^ How many of us men have heard these ^^   Just as with anxiety, it is pretty normal to have...

Neurofeedback Helps Veteran Win The War On PTSD

Fear is fun. The experience of fright in a safe environment – a Halloween haunted house or movie theater – elicits excitement followed by a critical release of primal emotion.  But what if catharsis never materializes? What if one were permanently locked in a state of...

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